Asian Skin Foundation

The Asian Skin Foundation was incorporated in October 2010 at the 2nd Annual Meeting of the AADV.

The objectives of the Foundation are:

1. Promote public education on issues relating to skin health and skin diseases

2: Promote research by supporting industry partners for evaluation of safety and efficacy of skin treatments, skin care products, cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals

3: Promote community awareness, participation and CSR programs for dermatology related issues

The appointed Board Members of the Asian Skin Foundation are:
Dr. Steven KW Chow (Malaysia)
Board Members:
Professor Yoshiki Miyachi (Japan)
Professor Tran Hau Khang (Vietnam)
Dr. Koushik Lahiri (India)
Professor Lai Wei (China)
Dr. Adrian Lim (Australia)
A. Professor Soyun Cho (Korea)
Dr. Seow Chew Swee (Singapore)
Dr. David Oeira Sudarto (Indonesia)
Dr. Pravit Asawanonda (Thailand)

For enquiries please contact: secretariat [at]