List of new Fellows (FAADV) conferred at 3rd Asian Dermatology Summit

The 3rd Asian Dermatology Summit was held in conjunction with the 2nd Global Chinese Dermatology Summit and Annual Meeting of the Taiwan Dermatological Association on 26th November 2011 at the Taipei Medical University, Taipei. 

Forty-five accomplished and senior dermatologists and dermatopathologists from China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India and Malaysia were admitted to the Roll of Foundation Fellows of the AADV. The distinguished Honorary Fellowship was awarded to Professor Chung Hong Hu, David (Taiwan), Professor Jean Hilaire Saurat (Switzerland), Professor John Koo (USA) and Professor Henry W Lim. The conferment ceremony was officiated by the Deputy-President of the AADV, Professor Tran Hau Khang.

The Valedictory Address entitled, “Clinical Dermatology in Asia - Challenges for the Future” was delivered by Dr. Steven KW Chow, Founding Secretary-General of the AADV.

List of FAADV Conferees:
Professor Chung Hong Hu, David (Taiwan)
Professor Jean Hilaire Saurat (Switzerland)
Professor John Koo (USA)
Professor Henry W Lim (USA)


Professor Jun Gu
Professor Fei Hao
Professor Hengjin Li
Professor Mang Li
Professor Quanzhong Liu
Professor Qianjin Lu
Dr Leihong (Flora) Xiang
Professor Zhirong Yao
Professor Jianzhong Zhang
Professor Min Zheng
Professor Zhizhong Zheng
India Japan
Dr Asha Kubba Dr Tetsunori Kimura
Korea Malaysia
Professor Dae Hun Suh Dr Lim Huat Bee
Dr Heng-Leong Chan
Professor Chung-Hsing Chang
Dr Ying-Jui Chang
Professor Yun-Ting Chang
Professor Gwo-Shing Chen
Dr Hsiu-Chin Chen
Dr Yi-Ju Chen
Dr Ming-Tuo Chuan
Dr Wen-Hung Chung
Dr Ji-Chen Ho
Dr Po-Han Huang
Professor Shiou-Hwa Jee
Professor Woan-Ruoh Lee
Dr Han-Nan Liu
Professor Hamm-Ming Sheu
Dr I-Hsin Shih
Dr Ren-Yeu Tsai
Dr Kao-Sung Tsai
Dr Cheng-Kun Wang
Dr Ming-Tsan Wang
Dr Wen-Jen Wang
Dr Chieh-Shan Wu
Dr Yu-Hung Wu
Dr Chih-Hsun Yang
Professor Jen-Hung Yang
Dr Kuo-Chia Yang


Sincere appreciation and thanks from the Board of the AADV were forwarded to Council and Members of the Taiwan Dermatological Association for its generous support for the event.


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